Since 1985, Northwest Forestry Services has been providing quality data and advice to forest landowners throughout Oregon and Washington.

our inventory, appraisal, management, GIS, research, and consulting services explained  



A forest inventory is often termed a timber cruise.  A timber cruise is an inventory of a forest stand to determine the quantity of forest products that can be derived from the stand.  In addition to timber quantity, a cruise often contains information about species composition, age, tree quality,  site quality, topography, and operability for logging.  It also can include data on growth, down woody material, snags, understory vegetation, and other resources.  


Northwest Forestry Services has completed hundreds of appraisals of timber, reproduction, and timber land.  For most properties, we also prepare the timber cruise upon which the appraisal is based.  In addition to the economic analysis, the typical appraisal report includes the same information as a timber cruise report.

The components of a typical timber appraisal report include the Definition of Market ValueClient and Intended User(s), Assumptions and Limiting Conditions, and others.  Click below to learn more.


Forest management is a plan to provide a forest with the care it needs so that that it continues to be healthy and vigorous and provides the products, habitat and amenities the landowner desires.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Northwest Forestry Services produces accurate timber type maps using AutoCad Map and ArcGIS software. These programs often are integrated with data collected from a global positioning system (GPS).  We are able to capture, store, analyze, and manage data and associated attributes that are geographically referenced to these maps.


Northwest Forestry Services has installed and measured numerous research and other test sites.


Northwest Forestry Services Foresters have completed several consulting assignments related to our areas of expertise.  

-Assessment of long-term economic feasibility of timber production on several forestland properties.

-Expert testimony on timber appraisals. Timber inventory planning and design for other consultants and landowners.