examples of past PROJECTS



forest management

  • planned and managed a thinning operation on about 12 acres in hood river county, Oregon.  the thinning was designed to remove trees killed by douglas-fir bark beetles and to improve forest health.  the property was privately owned, but the county plans to purchase it and manage it as a park.
  • developed a management plan for a 26-acre community forest in Washington county, Oregon.  the goals of the plan were to maintain, restore, and enhance natural habitat and to ensure the safety and security of forest users and the surrounding homes.
  • planned and managed a pre-commercial thinning and hardwood release treatment on a 57-acre property in Cowlitz county, Washington.  douglas-fir had been planted about six years earlier, but was being overtopped by red alder, cherry, and other hardwoods.
  • prepared a forest stewardship plan for a 280-acre property in Clackamas county, Oregon. the goal of the plan was to maintain or enhance the environmental and aesthetic qualities of the forest while producing a periodic income.  the plan recommended thinnings and small patch cuts.  It also included methods for reducing the impact of laminated root disease, which was prevalent on the property.
  • planned and managed conversion of a forest stand consisting of scattered red alder and dense brush to a well-stocked plantation consisting of western hemlock, Sitka spruce, douglas-fir, and western redcedar.  the harvest unit contained 30 acres and was located in tillamook county, oregon.  after logging, the site was prepared for planting both mechanically and with the use of herbicides.


inventory - NORTHWEST FORESTRY SERVICES HAS inventoried over one million acres of forestland throughout the pacific northwest.  assignments have ranged from a few acres to over 30,000.  In some of the inventories, only timber resources were measured.  Others included resources such as down woody material, snags, and understory vegetation.  clients for some of the larger jobs include the following:

  • Washington department of natural resources
  • Oregon department of forestry
  • green diamond resource company
  • Campbell global


appraisal - northwest forestry services has appraised timber and/or timberland on over 400 properties ranging from a few acres to several thousand.  some examples are listed below:

  • appraised timber on three properties totaling about 2,700 acres in coos and douglas counties, oregon.    all three properties contained habitat for the marbled murrelet, which is listed as a threatened species under the endangered species act.
  • appraised timber on four properties totaling about 1,700 acres in king and Kittitas counties, Washington.  two of the properties were affected by the presence of the northern spotted owl, which also is listed as a threatened species under the endangered species act.
  • appraised timber on five properties being offered for sale in curry county, Oregon.  In total, they contained about 8,300 acres.
  • appraised a conservation easement on a 1,400 acre property in union county, Oregon.  the easement placed significant restrictions on timber harvest, but did not prohibit it.
  • appraised a conservation easement on a 290 acre property in lane county, Oregon.  this easement also placed significant restrictions on timber harvest, but did not prohibit it.