Northwest Forestry Services has installed and measured numerous research sites.



EXAMPLES of research projects INCLUDE the following:

Installation, measurement, and re-measurement of several sites that were part of a U.S. Forest service spacing study in high-elevation true fir-hemlock stands.  The study sites were located in the Olympic Mountains and on the west side of the Cascade Range in Oregon and Washington.  download u.s. forest service report on this installation.  

Installation and initial measurement of Douglas-fir genetic gain trials in the Cascade Range of northwestern Oregon.

Measurement and data analysis for approximately 8,400 trees in a Douglas-fir/western hemlock spacing trial in the Coast Range of northwestern Oregon.

measurement of several non-timber resources, including the amount of coarse woody debris, amount of fine woody debris, depth of forest floor, number and size of stumps, and coverage of understory vegetation, as part of a study designed to assess lidar technology as an inventory tool.

Measurement of more than 200,000 test trees on tree improvement and other research sites.