View or download a sample management plan.  The plan was developed
           by Northwest Forestry Services for one of its clients, but the names,
           dates, and legal descriptions have been changed.

Information regarding topics included in each management plan.


Pre-Harvest Services

   -Prepare management plan.
   -Cruise and appraise timber.
   -Prepare logging plan.
   -Mark timber harvest boundaries.
   -Mark leave trees.
   -Notify state of harvest operation and secure necessary permits.
   -Ensure access for logging and secure necessary permits.
   -Select logging and other contractors.
   -Prepare a contract between landowner and logger and other contractors.

Timber Harvest

   -Supervise logging and road construction.
   -Ensure site cleanup.
   -Find log buyers that provide the highest net revenue for the delivered logs.
   -Provide a full accounting of the volume of logs removed, the prices received
         for them, and all costs.
   -Collect log payments and allocate them to landowner and contractors.

Site Preparation and Reforestation

   -Select a contractor to control competing brush, either chemically or
         mechanically.  The logger often can perform this function at the end of the
         harvest operation.
   -Notify state of brush control operation and secure necessary permits.
   -Order seedlings that are suitable for the site.
   -Select planting contractor.
   -Supervise tree planting.
   -Survey site periodically after planting to detect any problems.
   -Plan and supervise any necessary follow-up activities to ensure survival and
         growth of planted seedlings.

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