Northwest Forestry Services has completed hundreds of appraisals of timber,
    reproduction, and timber land.  For most properties, we also prepare the timber
    cruise upon which the appraisal is based.  In addition to the economic analysis,
    the typical appraisal report includes the same information as a timber cruise report.

    Click here to view or download a sample appraisal report.  The report was
    developed by Northwest Forestry Services for one of its clients, but the names,
    dates, and legal descriptions have been changed.

    The components of a typical timber appraisal report include the
Definition of Market
, Client and Intended User(s), Assumptions and Limiting Conditions, as well
    as the components listed below.

Components Of A Typical Timber Appraisal Report

Description of Methods
including cruise method (variable radius plots, fixed area plots, etc.),
sampling intensity, log lengths (minimum, maximum, and preferred lengths
by species and sort), minimum scaling diameter, minimum merchantable log,
and minimum merchantable tree

Per Acre and Average Tree Data
including species composition, average diameter, basal area, number of trees,
number of logs, and cubic and board foot volumes

Log Quality Data
including breakdown of volume by species, log sort, and loggrade

Sampling Error of the Volume Estimate

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